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Mini-college attendees and faculty

What a Week! The 1st Hospitalist Mini-College and our Annual Hospital Medicine CME Course

Rolling out a new “product” in a nasty economy is usually a formula for disaster. But last week we held the first-ever “Hospitalist Mini-College,” and it was an rousing success. The idea was this: hospitalists have lots of places to go to hear clinical lectures, and now a few options for leadership training and to […]

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How the Newly Vigorous Patient Safety Regulatory Environment May Be Harming the Cause of Safety

In responding to dysfunctional systems, America instinctively turns to “more regulation” (Exhibit A: today’s Wall Street). But regulation can, and often does, go too far, and – in patient safety – I believe that it now has. Note that this comes from someone who believes that healthcare was under-regulated until recently, not a popular viewpoint […]

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A Shout Out to Adam Singer, Physician Entrepreneur of the Year

Modern Physician just named Adam Singer, the founder of IPC-The Hospitalist Company, its first annual Physician Entrepreneur of the Year. Adam and I don’t always see eye to eye, but I want to congratulate him and highlight some of his contributions. When the hospitalist field launched in the mid-1990s, Adam was there – I recall […]

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A Year of Blogging Dangerously

Well, folks, time flies. Today marks the first anniversary of the launch of Wachter’s World. I’ve learned a lot in a year. For example, a year ago, I thought you became a Russia expert by reading books and newspapers, not by trans-waterway osmosis. Anyway, I thought I’d use the occasion of the anniversary to recount […]

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