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“If There’s a Doctor on Board, Please Ring Your Call Button”

Well, it happened again. Last Thursday evening, I was somewhere over Saskatchewan, returning from a lovely Mediterranean cruise, in that uncomfortable semi-conscious state that passes for sleep when you’re flying coach, when the airplane’s PA system rang out: “If there’s a doctor on board, please ring your call button!” If you’re old enough to remember […]

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Atul Gawande and the Art of Medical Writing

Don’t read this. That is, if you have a limited amount of time for reading today, I’d rather you read Atul Gawande’s essay on end-of-life care in this month’s New Yorker than this blog. But if you can spare a little time, I’ll be focusing on some of the techniques Gawande uses to make his […]

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“I Like (Political) Science and I Want to Help People”

I thought I was an oddball in college. I’ve only recently learned that I was avant-garde. Right before beginning college in 1975, I decided I wanted to be a doctor. Being the first-born son – with decent SATs – of an upwardly mobile Long Island Jewish family, I had relatively little choice in the matter. […]

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