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Society of Hospital Medicine Pediatric Committee Updates at HM15


During a session at the Society of Hospital Medicine's HM15 annual meeting, SHM Pediatric Committee chair Kris Rehm, MD, outlined a number of the committee's current endeavors. They include:

1) American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Certification for Pediatric Hospitalists.

  • Since 2010 a leadership group has worked on certification options.
  • In 2013, determination was made that a two-year fellowship would be proposed to the ABP.
  • Formal petition for certification was submitted to the ABP in October 2014, with clarification in March 2015.
  • ABP is currently reviewing the proposal prior to its presentation to the American Board of Medical Specialties, with an expected minimum five-year horizon before a first exam.

2) SHM has developed multiple online ABP MOC learning platforms for pediatric hospitalists.

3) The SHM Pediatric Committee encourages pediatric hospitalists to seek Hospital Medicine Fellowship status to demonstrate one’s commitment to, and accomplishment in, hospital medicine.

4) A SHM pediatric discussion forum is ongoing.

5) The annual Pediatric Hospital Medicine meeting, jointly sponsored by APA, AAP and SHM will be in San Antonio, July 23-26. TH

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