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SHM Welcomes Nonphysician Fellows to Hospital Medicine


This year marks the first in which nonphysicians will be inducted as Fellows and senior Fellows in Hospital Medicine. SHM welcomes those nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and practice administrators who practice as hospitalists to the growing ranks of individuals committing their time and talent to the specialty.

NonPhysician SHM Fellows 2013


  • Kim Dickinson, SFHM
  • Leslie L. Flores, MHA, SFHM
  • Vicky-Lynne Gloger, MS, SFHM
  • Roberta P. Himebaugh, MBA, SFHM
  • Ajay Kharbanda, MBA, CMPE, SFHM
  • Dave K. Dookeeram, MPH, FACHE, FHM
  • Bradley J. Eshbaugh, MBA, FACMPE, FHM
  • Lara Hauslaib, MPH, FHM
  • Holly A. Hammond, MBA, FHM


  • Lorraine L. Britting, ANP, SFHM
  • Jeanette Ann Kalupa, DNP, SFHM
  • Mikkii Swanson, DNP, MSN, RN, SFHM
  • Deborah Haywood, RN, MBA, FHM
  • Julie Lepzinski, RN, BSN, MBA, FHM
  • James W. Levy, PA-C, FHM
  • Susan Willis, PhD, PA-C, FHM

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