VIDEO: NPs, PAs weigh common issues in hospitalist practice


Practicing at the top of your license, billing and reimbursement, recruiting and orientation – Those were some of the hot topics discussed by more than 50 attendees of HM17’s Special Interest Forum for nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs).

“Every year, we are seeing more and more HM groups integrating NPs and PAs into their practice,” said forum moderator Emilie Thornhill, PA-C, a certified PA, who works for Oschner Health in New Orleans, La.

Ms. Thornhill emphasized that a common issue among attendees is restrictive HM policies in dictating the scope of practice for NP/PAs in hospitalist groups.

“That seems to be the thing that is holding us back the most,” she said. “SHM is really going to be the home for these individuals to find the resources they need to address these issues.”

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