Sneak Peek: Journal of Hospital Medicine – Sept. 2017

A randomized controlled trial of a CPR decision support video for patients admitted to the general medicine service


BACKGROUND: Patient preferences regarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are important, especially during hospitalization when a patient’s health is changing, yet many patients are not adequately informed or involved in the decision-making process.

OBJECTIVES: We examined the effect of an informational video about CPR on hospitalized patients’ code status choices.

DESIGN: This was a prospective, randomized trial conducted at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital in Minneapolis.

PARTICIPANTS: We enrolled 119 patients who were hospitalized on the general medicine service and at least 65 years old. The majority were men (97%) with a mean age of 75.

INTERVENTION: A video described code status choices: full code (CPR and intubation if required), do not resuscitate (DNR), and do not resuscitate/do not intubate (DNR/DNI). Participants were randomized to watch the video (n = 59) or usual care (n = 60).

MEASUREMENTS: The primary outcome was participants’ code status preferences. Secondary outcomes included a questionnaire designed to evaluate participants’ trust in their health care team and their knowledge and perceptions about CPR.

RESULTS: Participants who viewed the video were less likely to choose full code (37%), compared with participants in the usual-care group (71%), and were more likely to choose DNR/DNI (56% in the video group vs. 17% in the control group) (P < .00001). We did not see a difference in trust in their health care team or knowledge and perceptions about CPR as assessed by our questionnaire.

CONCLUSIONS: Hospitalized patients who watched a video about CPR and code status choices were less likely to choose full code and more likely to choose DNR/DNI.

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