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ALT-70 score outperformed thermal imaging for cellulitis diagnosis



He also presented an analysis of the results when he combined both methods, with a positive on both assessments required to produce a positive LEC diagnosis. This resulted in a positive predictive value of 86.7%, slightly higher than the 80.4% from ALT-70 alone, but the combination produced a negative predictive value of 68.2%, substantially less than the 90.9% rate with ALT-70 alone. This demonstrated the “marginal benefit” from combining the two methods, he said.

In a receiver operating characteristic curve analysis, in which the area under the curve (c-statistic) reflects a diagnostic test’s validity, ALT-70 produced a c-statistic of 0.85, thermal imaging had a c-statistic of 0.63, and when combined, the c-statistic was 0.88.

Mr. Li called for validation of the findings using larger and different patient populations.

He had no reported disclosures.

SOURCE: Li DG et al. AAD 18, Abstract 6744.


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