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Top hospital heart failure performance translates to longer survival



Get With the Guidelines is a voluntary, observational quality improvement program that has been linked with CMS to capture long-term follow-up data, Dr. Pandey explained.

The study included 106,304 heart failure patients older than 65 years at 317 GWTG hospitals across the United States during 2005-2013. The hospitals were divided into performance quartiles based on 30-day RSMR. The 30-day RSMRs were 8.6%, 9.4%, 9.9%, and 10.7% in the first, second, third, and fourth quartiles, respectively.

There was a strong association between the top-performing hospitals and long-term survival rates for the patients that persisted beyond 30 days, said Dr. Pandey. The mortality rates after 5 years were 75.6%, 76.2%, 76.9%, and 79.6%, in the first, second, third, and fourth quartiles, respectively.

The hospitals in the first quartile were more likely than those in the fourth quartile to have primary percutaneous coronary intervention capabilities (80% vs. 73%), in-house cardiac surgery (66% vs. 57%), and a heart transplant center (13% vs. 2%).

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