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Key points: Population health management

  • Source of truth

SHM has served as the source of reliable and trusted information about hospital medicine. We will continue to develop content and resources specific to population health management on our website so hospitalists can easily access this information. To increase our awareness about population health management, presenters at HM19 will integrate a slide about the implications of population health management on their clinical topic. These slides will illustrate the clinical and nonclinical services that are necessary to enhance the patient’s quality of care and life. In addition to best practice care, these slides will highlight topics like the role of style modification and prevention, risk stratification, chronic disease management, and care coordination throughout the continuum of care.

  • Advocating for us

In addition to providing a home for hospitalists to collaborate regarding population health management, SHM will advance this agenda from a regulatory perspective. The Public Policy and Performance Measurement & Reporting Committees are actively evaluating and leading the transition from value to volume. SHM is also working with potential key partners and organizations in the areas of primary care, skilled nursing facilities, and accountable care organizations that will help improve the effectiveness of delivering population health management.

  • Creating expertise

SHM will lead best practice development for tools and skills that are necessary for hospitalists to lead population health management. Telemedicine is an increasingly critical tool as we help manage our patients in other facilities, inpatient or skilled nursing facilities, as well as at home. SHM has developed a white paper about telemedicine in hospital medicine that highlights modalities, offerings, implementation of programs, and work flows necessary for success. You can find it under “Resources” at

SHM will continue to actively develop tools that appropriately address the challenges we’re facing. From National Hospitalist Day to population health management, this is an exciting time in hospital medicine – I hope to see you at HM19 to celebrate our specialty and our bright future.

Dr. Afsar is president of the Society of Hospital Medicine, and chief ambulatory officer and chief medical officer for accountable care organizations at UC Irvine Health.


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