Bringing QI training to an IM residency program

Consider a formal step-wise curriculum


For current and future hospitalists, there’s no doubt that knowledge of quality improvement (QI) fundamentals is an important component of a successful practice. One physician team set out to provide their trainees with that QI foundation and described the results.

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“We believed that implementing a formal step-wise QI curriculum would not only meet the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requirements, but also increase residents’ knowledge of QI fundamentals and ultimately establish a culture of continuous improvement aiming to provide high-value care to our health care consumers,” said lead author J. Colt Cowdell, MD, MBA, of Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla.

Prior to any interventions, the team surveyed internal medicine residents regarding three unique patient scenarios and scored their answers. Residents were then assigned to one of five unique QI projects for the academic year in combination with a structured didactic QI curriculum.

After the structured progressive curriculum, in combination with team-based QI projects, residents were surveyed again. Results showed not only increased QI knowledge, but also improved patient safety and reduced waste.

“Keys to successful implementation included a thorough explanation of the need for this curriculum to the learners and ensuring that QI teams were multidisciplinary – residents, QI experts, nurses, techs, pharmacy, administrators, etc.,” said Dr. Cowdell.

For hospitalists in an academic setting, this work can provide a framework to incorporate QI into their residency programs. “I hope, if they have a passion for QI, they would seek out opportunities to mentor residents and help lead multidisciplinary team-based projects,” Dr. Cowdell said.


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