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AHA Level 2 course now available


Over the past 2 decades, hospital medicine has grown from a nascent collection of hospitalists to one of the fastest growing specialties, with more than 60,000 active practitioners today.

Dr. Nate O'Dorisio, Ohio State University, Columbus

Dr. Nate O'Dorisio

Ten years ago, the need for mentoring and growth of a new generation of young academic faculty led to the development of the first Academic Hospitalist Academy (AHA) through the coordinated efforts of the Society of Hospital Medicine, the Society of General Internal Medicine, and the Association of Clinical Leaders of General Internal Medicine.

As modern medicine moves at an increasing pace, the intersection of patient care, research, and education has opened further opportunities for fostering the expertise of hospital medicine practitioners. The next level of training is now available with the advent of AHA’s Level 2 course.

Ever wonder why the new clinical service you’ve designed to improve physician and patient efficiency isn’t functioning like it did in the beginning? Patients are staying longer in the hospital, and physicians are working harder. The principles of change management, personal leadership styles, and adult learning will be covered in the AHA Level 2 course. How do I get my project funded and then what do I do with the results? Keys to negotiating for time and resources as well as the skills to write and disseminate your work are integrated into the curriculum.

Participants will be engaged in an interactive course designed around the challenges of practicing and leading in an academic environment. AHA Level 2 aims to help attendees – regardless of their areas of interest – identify and acquire the skills necessary to advance their career, describe the business and cultural landscape of academic health systems, and learn how to leverage that knowledge; to list resources and techniques to continue to further build their skills, and identify and pursue their unique scholarly niche.

Based on the success of AHA’s Level 1 course and the feedback from the almost 1,000 participants who have attended, AHA Level 2 is a 2.5-day course that will allow for the exchange of ideas and skills from nationally regarded faculty and fellow attendees. Through plenary sessions, workshops, small groups, and networking opportunities, attendees will be immersed in the realm of modern academic hospital medicine. The new course is offered in parallel with AHA Level 1 at the Inverness Resort, outside of Denver, on Sept. 10-12, 2019.

The course will leave attendees with an individualized career plan and enhance their area of expertise. The lessons learned and shared will allow participants to return to their institutions and continue to lead in the areas of patient care, financial resourcefulness, and the education of current and future generations of hospital medicine specialists.

Dr. O’Dorisio is a Med-Peds hospitalist at the Ohio State University, Columbus.

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