PHM19: MOC Part 4 projects for community pediatric hospitalists


PHM19 session

MOC Part 4 projects for community pediatric hospitalists

Dr. Lindsay Fox, MetroWest Medical Center, Framingham, Mass.

Dr. Lindsay Fox


Jack M. Percelay, MD, MPH, FAAP, MHM

Nancy Chen, MD, FAAP

Elizabeth Dobler, MD, FAAP

Lindsay Fox, MD

Beth C. Natt, MD, MPH, SFHM

Clota Snow, MD, FAAP

Session summary

Dr. Jack Percelay, of Sutter Health in San Francisco, started this session at Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2019 by outlining the process of submitting a small group (n = 1-10) project for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 credit including the basics of what is needed for the application:

  • Aim statement.
  • Metrics used.
  • Data required (3 data points: pre, post, and sustain).

He also shared the requirement of “meaningful participation” for participants to be eligible for MOC Part 4 credit.

Examples of successful projects were shared by members of the presenting group:

  • Dr. Natt: Improving the timing of the birth dose of the hepatitis B vaccination.
  • Dr. Dobler: Improving the hepatitis B vaccination rate within 24 hours of birth.
  • Dr. Snow: Supplementing vitamin D in the newborn nursery.
  • Dr. Fox: Improving newborn discharge efficiency, improving screening for smoking exposure, and offering smoking cessation.
  • Dr. Percelay: Improving hospitalist billing and coding using time as a factor.
  • Dr. Chen: Improving patient satisfaction through improvement of family-centered rounds.

The workshop audience divided into groups to brainstorm/troubleshoot projects and to elicit general advice regarding the process. Sample submissions were provided.

Key takeaways

  • Even small projects (i.e. single metric) can be submitted/accepted with pre- and postintervention data.
  • Be creative! Think about changes you are making at your institution and gather the data to support the intervention.
  • Always double-dip on QI projects to gain valuable MOC Part 4 credit!

Dr. Fox is site director, Pediatric Hospital Medicine Division at MetroWest Medical Center, Framingham, Mass.

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