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Hospitalist profile: Charu Puri, MD, FHM


How will hospital medicine change in the next decade or 2?

It’s a relatively young field, and we’re still figuring it out. I really don’t know how hospital medicine is going to change, but I do know that the field will continue to evolve, given the way U.S. health care is rapidly changing.

Do you have any advice for students and residents interested in hospital medicine?

It’s a fun way to practice medicine and I would encourage students to go into hospital medicine. It’s great for work/life balance. The advice I would give is that it is very important to get involved early in your career. Get involved in medical group or hospital committees. Stay away from the “shift mentality” – that I’m going to work my shifts and leave. That can lead to early burnout, which is a real concern in our field now. Early engagement is essential, so you can help lead these conversations at your hospital.


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