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Transitions: From editor to president


As I transition out of the role of medical editor for The Hospitalist, and into the role of president of the Society of Hospital Medicine, it is a bittersweet but exciting transition.

Dr. Danielle B. Scheurer is a hospitalist and chief quality officer at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston.

Dr. Danielle B. Scheurer

In the relatively short time I have served as editor, so much has changed in our hospitalist community! In the last 4 years alone, we have increased:

• Membership from 14,000 to 20,000

• Chapters from 46 to 68

• Special Interest Groups from 8 to 22

• Subscribers to The Hospitalist from 15,000 to 30,000.

This is all a testimony to the engagement of our membership. SHM is clearly no ordinary specialty society; it is full of incredibly intelligent, invested, and talented members, who actively participate in the society for the betterment of their local teams and patients. It is such a privilege to lead this amazing team.

As for The Hospitalist, I would like to warmly welcome Weijen Chang, MD, FACP, SFHM, as the incoming editor. Weijen served as the pediatrics editor for many years and has been extensively involved on The Hospitalist’s editorial advisory board for even longer. He also has a broad track record of experience as a hospitalist in many settings; that combined with an inquisitive mind and curious spirit makes him the ideal editor for The Hospitalist. He brings energy and enthusiasm and will serve us very well.

Dr. Weijen Chang

Dr. Weijen Chang

While I will miss being intimately involved with The Hospitalist, I am very much looking forward to serving in the role of SHM president starting in April. During this pivotal year, SHM will transition from our one-and-only CEO, Larry Wellikson, MD, MHM, to our newly minted CEO Eric Howell, MD, MHM, who will officially transition in July 2020.

This is a very exciting time in the history of SHM, as we refocus on our mission, vision, values, and core activities. As a membership organization, our primary focus has been, and will always be, serving our member’s needs! As a “Big Tent” organization, we have always supported a broad and diverse set of members, ranging far beyond physician hospitalists, to trainees, medical students, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, practice administrators, and other hospital-based specialists. Being in such a dynamic industry, our diverse members needs are constantly and rapidly changing along with the dramatic transformations in the landscape, including profound shifts in care and reimbursement models that could change the very definition of a hospitalist.

While we continuously scour the landscape and anticipate our members’ needs, we will never lose sight of our core mission, which is to promote exceptional care for hospitalized patients. We will continue to do this by supporting all of our members with tools and materials to help them be the very best they can, for all of our patients. As a humble and servant leader, I am prepared to meet the demands and challenges of the year ahead, with energy and focus, and fulfill the needs of our members, so that together, we can make health care better for those we serve.

Thank you in advance for allowing me the great pleasure of serving this amazing and innovative organization!

Dr. Scheurer is chief quality officer and professor of medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston. She is the outgoing medical editor of The Hospitalist, and president-elect of SHM.

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