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Presenting the 2020 SHM Award of Excellence winners


Outstanding Service in Hospital Medicine

Efren Manjarrez, MD, SFHM, FACP, is an associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, where he also serves as a hospitalist in the division of hospital medicine. His high-impact work at his home institution and through SHM has been extensive.

He founded the division of hospital medicine at the University of Miami in 2000 and later served as the division chief and patient safety officer. Dr. Manjarrez served in the prestigious role of course director for HM15 and as co-course director for the Adult Hospital Medicine Boot Camp.

One of his most enduring contributions is as an author of the white paper on hospitalist handoffs, published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine in 2009, which continues to be cited and validated. He was an assistant editor for the Journal of Hospital Medicine and continues to review articles for JHM. Dr. Manjarrez is also a senior fellow in hospital medicine.

Excellence in Research

Shoshana J. Herzig, MD, MPH, is the director of hospital medicine research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, where she also serves as a hospitalist. She is also an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, also in Boston.

Dr. Shoshana J. Herzig

She has published nearly 50 original peer-reviewed manuscripts in some of medicine’s top journals. Her impressive research, which primarily focuses on patterns of medication utilization and associated outcomes in hospitalized adults, has been cited more than 1,500 times in the medical literature.

In addition to her work on medication safety, she is also a site PI for the Hospital Medicine Research Network (HOMERuN), a nationwide collaborative of hospital medicine researchers.

Dr. Herzig has been a member of SHM since 2008 and has attended the annual conference every year since. She has served as an RIV abstract judge, was instrumental in developing SHM’s consensus statement on safe opioid prescribing, and has served as an editor for the Journal of Hospital Medicine since 2012 and has been a senior deputy editor since 2015.

Clinical Leadership for Physicians

Karen Smith, MD, MEd, SFHM, is the chief of the division of hospitalist medicine and past president of the medical staff at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington. She also serves as associate professor of pediatrics at the George Washington University School of Medicine. She has consistently worked to create a supportive environment in which to promote wellness among her staff and colleagues.

Dr. Karen Smith is the chief of the division of hospitalist medicine and past president of the medical staff at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington

Dr. Karen Smith

She was one of three founding faculty members of the division of hospital medicine at Children’s National, and under her leadership, the division has seen substantial growth. It has evolved from a single site to a comprehensive model of services, spanning six community hospitals and a specialty hospital for rehabilitation and subacute care.

To increase morale, Dr. Smith spearheaded the development of a virtual physician lounge. She reserved a conference room once a month and provided free lunch to medical staff members of different specialties. Its success led to the construction of a full-time lounge – all because of Dr. Smith’s perseverance and forward thinking.

She is a past member of SHM’s Pediatrics Committee and Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Committee and is a senior fellow in hospital medicine.


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