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Welcome to the final week of HM20 Virtual!


Hospitalists, welcome to the final week of HM20 Virtual – the first virtual annual conference in the history of SHM. We hope you have enjoyed your experience thus far. What is most exciting about HM20 Virtual is how it exemplifies the agility and innovation that is in the hearts and minds of SHM and hospitalists all around the country and beyond. Because 2020 is shaping up to be anything but ordinary, SHM and its members have had to embrace changes on a scale that has surpassed anything we have seen in most of our careers. SHM is committed to keeping pace with the needs of hospitalists, including the use of virtual meetings to keep us all connected, informed, and engaged.

Dr. Danielle B. Scheurer is a hospitalist and chief quality officer at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston.

Dr. Danielle B. Scheurer

The full course of sessions for HM20 has a vast array of topics, aimed at quickly and concisely updating our members on core topics. These include clinical updates on common conditions, a half-dozen sessions dedicated to COVID-19, the ever-popular Rapid Fire sessions, an Update in Pediatric Top Articles, a High Value Care session, and special sessions on immigrant hospitalist issues and structural racism. Also included is the Best of Research and Innovations and the Annual Update in Hospital Medicine.

In addition, the “Simulive” sessions offer additional Q&A with the experts; our lineup this week includes many important clinical topics, including heart failure, glucose management, GI emergencies, drug allergies, endocrine emergencies, and balancing being a hospitalist and a parent. (Particularly challenging with COVID-19!) Of note, if you are unable to join any of these sessions live, all 3 weeks of the Simulive sessions will be available on demand after Aug. 31.

We are hopeful this new virtual format will exceed expectations for our members. Our dedicated HM20 faculty and SHM staff have worked tirelessly to make HM20 Virtual a success, and for that, we owe them our gratitude and appreciation. Since this is our “first rodeo,” we are very eager for your feedback on all aspects of this new format. The more we learn now, the better off we will all be with future offerings, so please be candid and honest. With so much change and uncertainty, we hope you continue to find SHM to be a place of consistency and stability, and the “source of truth” for all things hospital medicine.

Dr. Scheurer is chief quality officer and professor of medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston. She is president of SHM.

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