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Collaborative effort reduces COPD readmissions, costs



Revisits reduced

At the end of the program, 83% of participating sites had reductions in either ED visits or readmissions, and of this group, five sites had decreases in both measures.

Among all sites with improved metrics, the average rate of COPD-related ED revisits declined from 12.7% to 9%, and average inpatient readmissions declined from 20.1% to 15.6%.

As noted, the estimated cost savings in ED revisits avoided was $351,00, and the estimated savings in hospital readmission costs was $2.6 million.

“Although the centers didn’t have to participate in both parts, we did see in our results that the programs that participated fully had better results,” Dr. Press said.

“Historically, we’ve had such difficulty in decreasing COPD readmissions, and it’s nice to see something that actually works, both for patients and for conserving health resources,” Dr. Myers commented.

The study was supported by Vizient. Dr. Press disclosed honoraria from the company in her role as subject matter expert. Dr. Myers reported no conflicts of interest.


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